I thought it was about time I got back into blogging. I’ve basically been doing it via Instagram anyway, but I feel like you can’t go into as much detail on Instagram as I’d like!

So the jist is, I’m Charlotte, I’m (currently) 26 and I work as a Test Analyst for an Ad Tech company. I am extremely lucky in that I love my job. I’ve had great opportunities given to me and I’d like to think I’m making the most of every single one.

One of those being, I am surrounded by extremely talented Developers and daily I am exposed to their code. It got me interested and after a few trial and error months of attempting to get into this coding life, as of January 2017 I’m on the right track! I started with a kids book called Get Coding! (£3.99 on Amazon!) which refreshed my memory and improved my skills in mainly HTML and CSS with a little Javascript intro. And I am currently over half way through codecademy.com’s PYTHON course 💪🏼 🐍

Here goes…

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