1 down…

I bloody did it.

Not gonna lie, it was hard. I struggled at times BUT, I was able to solve everything by googling/ stackoverflow/ the Q&A help on codecademy and towards the end I seemed to really get on a roll with it! I need to think of a project to work on to further my learning, without jumping ahead of myself too much. If I take on something too big I know I’ll get demotivated. I’m thinking perhaps a quiz – something along those lines. I have a Raspberry Pi which is currently just gathering dust, so ideally would like to give that a purpose!

I’m also now starting to look at GO (golang)! We’re using it more frequently at work, so I want to familiarise myself with it so I understand our devs work a little better and the aim is to eventually be able to contribute! Whether that be writing automated tests or maybe even helping to write the features- ‘CITING. If anyone has any tips or knows of any learning materials that would be good for a newbie, please let me know!


😀 😀 😀

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