Determined to get better at this…

… she says for the 239478th time 😅

So I have been really struggling with motivation and I managed to work out it was due to a lack of direction. I’ve been too eager for my own good. Trying to learn too many things at once, with no real reason or strategy to how each thing could work together or be used on a project. So I have stopped learning ‘a bit of everything’ and gotten myself a few solid projects to work on, all of which require some front end skills. Therefore I have narrowed my studying down to JavaScript & a JavaScript framework called VueJS. I am still using Golang at work, but am not going to study any extra around this for now.

I found an Udemy course on VueJS which has been fantastic! – you can buy it here

I had already had a bit of experience with Vue but this course takes you through as a complete beginner and gets you stuck into challenges and projects pretty quick so you’re skills grow very quickly! I really rate the guy doing the course too, he explains everything he’s doing really clearly and provides extra reading material at the end of each module.


I’m currently about a quarter of the way through and can already tell I have improved my VueJS skills massively and not only that but its helped me learn JavaScript alongside!


Image result for vuejs logo

If you’re interested in learning a javascript framework, unfortunately I don’t have any experience with others but I can say that as a newbie, the docs and help online is great for VueJS so I highly recommend it!

VueJs Documentation

Vuetify Documentation (a material component framework for VueJS- really well documented also!)

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